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Dragon Naturally Speaking License Program
Dragon Naturally Speaking for all users

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 License Program (OLP - Open License Purchase)

The Nuance Open License Program (OLP) is a convenient, easy to use volume purchasing program designed to enable end user customers to maximize their savings potential by accumulating points for their Nuance products and support purchased for internal use.

A certificate based program, the OLP allows companies to license software for use, rather than purchase "boxed" products. This reduces manufacturing costs by eliminating the cost of media, documentation, packaging, warehousing, and shipping. These savings are then passed on to the customer in the form of a discount off the standard price. It is easy to qualify for the OLP with its low initial purchase requirement.

A point-based, tiered purchasing program, the OLP offers organizations many benefits:

  • Reduces the costs to organizations when purchasing volume licenses, upgrade assurance, and technical support.
  • No contract necessary - purchasing made easy.
  • Discount level valid for 24 months, initial purchase sets the discount for 2 years.
  • Easy to administer and understand. Follows industry standard volume license programs.
  • Requires no commitment beyond the first purchase.
  • Each Nuance Open License product is assigned a point value
  • An initial order of 50 points is required to achieve the first tier discount
  • Any combination of Nuance Open License products may be used to reach the volume purchase minimum
  • A license must be purchased for every user (no concurrency)

    The OLP offers volume discounts on licenses of the following products:

    • Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Preferred
    • Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Professional
    • Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Medical
    • Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Legal

    Additional media, documentation, upgrade assurance and technical support may be procured separately at an additional charge.

The Nuance Open License Program (OLP) uses a point-based system to establish and track discount levels.

Each product included in the OLP is assigned a point value. The more licenses committed to in your initial purchase, the better your discount going forward. For maximum benefit, you'll want to determine your needs for at least the first six months, and purchase accordingly. You must purchase one license for every individual who will be using the software.

Nuance Open License Sample Order - Discount Level C

Product/Service Point Value Quantity Value
Dragon NaturallySpeaking
16 100 1600
Dragon NaturallySpeaking
Upgrade Assurance
4 100 400
PaperPort Professional 8 100 800
PaperPort Professional
Upgrade Assurance
2 100 200
    Total Points 3000 =
Level C Discount

This discount level for the OLP is guaranteed for a two-year period from the initial date of purchase.

As the program name implies, there are no contracts to sign, or purchase requirements beyond the initial purchase. You simply purchase licenses, as you need them. The minimum reorder is twenty points.


Getting to the Next Level of Savings

In order to participate in the OLP, your initial order must total a minimum of 50 points. Reorders within the two year period must total a minimum of 20 points.

Nuance Open License Program

Program Level Point Range
A 50 - 399
B 400 - 1999
C 2000 - 3999
D 4000 - 9999
E 10,000+

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